Commission sets standards for charity fundraising

25 September

A new report from the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has identified charity fundraising as a theme behind many of the concerns about charities it receives.

The report, published today, outlines the minimum legal standard for charity fundraisers and sets out what the public can reasonably expect when giving to charity. In doing so the Commission affirms the vital role of the public and charity trustees in charity regulation.

Members of the public have submitted the vast majority of the 150 plus concerns about charities received by the Commission since investigatory work began in February 2011.

This report identifies four common themes behind recent fundraising related concerns about charities as:

  • Street and public collections;
  • Trading subsidiaries;
  • Financial transparency around donations received about charities;
  • The role of fundraising agents and professional fundraisers.

Charity Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless explains how the report can serve to promote public trust and confidence in charities:

"The great work of local charities must be recognised and the public are keen to support this. Levels of charitable giving have held up well despite pressure on household finances. It is vital therefore that people can have confidence in the charities that they donate to.

"This new report sets out what the public can expect from charity fundraisers and how their vigilance can help the Commission to regulate charities and promote good charity fundraising standards".

Read the Concerns About Charity Fundraising Report (PDF 394 KB) (Word 762 KB)

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