Notifying us of changes to your charity

Charities registered with the Commission will be able to use Online services to change details we hold for that charity. Some of the information you provide to us will be shown on the charity’s public register entry, so it is important you keep it up to date.

The details you can update are:

  • charity contact details 
  • email addresses for Commission use and for public display
  • financial year end
  • your charity’s website address
  • where your charity operates
  • charity classifications
  • description of activities.  

You must notify us of any changes to your trustees. You should do this by contacting us via email and we will verify the details and alter the register. 

You must have the charity’s unique password to use the Online services. If you do not have this or need a new one, you will be able to request one online. 

If the charity's contact or email details are out of date and you do not have a password or cannot access Online Services, you should contact us to get them updated. For security reasons, any change of contact or email details will be subject to a validation procedure.

Some important features of the online system include that:

  • it is secure and details you submit cannot be misused
  • it is available at a time to suit you.

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