Governance documents

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland's governance documents will be published here.

Customer Charter

As Northern Ireland’s independent regulator of charities, we aim to provide the highest possible standards and quality of service to all of our stakeholders.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders, including the general public, charities, community and voluntary groups, charity umbrella organisations and a wide range of public bodies and other regulators. 

Our Customer Charter is our commitment to them, and to you, clearly setting out the level of service you can expect to receive when dealing with our staff at all times. It includes our general service standards, our aspirations for the service we provide and how you can contact us.

We welcome feedback on our approach and are committed to continuous improvement across all our services.

Our full Customer Charter and an easy to read version of our Customer Charter are available to read or download below:

Other governance documents

Please find below the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland's Board Terms of Reference, available to read or download, and a link to our Transparency and Opennness section. This section sets out the information we provide in the interests of accountability and according to Freedom of Information.










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