Our vision, mission and values


The Commission’s vision is to deliver, in partnership with other key stakeholders in the charitable sector:

‘A dynamic and well governed charities sector in which the public has confidence, underpinned by the Commission’s effective delivery of its regulatory and advisory role.’

Mission Objectives

  1. Public confidence objective is to increase public trust and confidence in charities. 
  2. Public benefit objective to promote awareness and understanding of the operation of the public benefit requirement.
  3. Compliance objective to promote compliance by charity trustees with their legal obligations in exercising control and management of the administration of their charities.
  4. Charitable resources objective is to promote the effective use of charitable resources. 
  5. Accountability objective is to enhance the accountability of charities to donors, beneficiaries and the public.
  6. Delivery objective is to manage the CCNI as an effective and efficient non departmental public body.

Our Values

Independent: we will maintain independence in our decision making, acting without fear or favour, in the public interest.

Accountable: we will be proactive in accounting to all our stakeholders, which will include involving others on a continuous and appropriate basis and taking responsibility for our decisions.

Proportionate:  our actions, procedures and culture will be proportionate to the burden of regulation on charities, of different sizes, to the degree of risk involved and to the potential impact, within the resources available to us.

Impartial: we will exercise our powers and discretion in a way which is non-partisan and even-handed.

Transparent: we will communicate with and listen to our stakeholders and will be clear about our actions, intentions and expectations.

Consistent: we will act consistently in our decision making.

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