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Charities are part of all our lives. They range from small groups meeting local needs with few resources to the well-known major charities with budgets of millions.

Charities receive support from society in many ways and the public have the right to expect charities to be open and accountable. Public trust and confidence in charities is high - we want to make sure it stays that way.

Whatever their size or purpose, an essential requirement of all charities is that they operate for the public benefit and independently of government or commercial interests. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland registers and regulates charities in Northern Ireland, so it's our job to make sure all charities meet all their legal requirements and to work with charity trustees to put things right if they go wrong.

You can find out more information on the different aspects to our work in this section.

  • About the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland introduces our Board of Commissioners and our senior management team and gives details of forthcoming public meetings.
  • Governance links to documents relating to the Governance of the Commission.
  • About charities gives a brief explanation of what charities are, and surveys, reports and other research into the charitable sector in Northern Ireland.
  • Our general public information leaflet is a PDF document (150Kb) providing an up to date synopsis of the powers and work of the Charity Commission.
  • Our approach to regulating charities sets out our approach as a proportionate, risk-based regulator, what our powers are and how and when we use them.
  • How and when to report a concern about a charity sets out how and when you should contact us if you have a complaint about a charity, a decision we've made or a service we've provided.
  • Contacting us gives details of how to get in touch with us and provides contact details for the Press Office and other teams.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland aims to ensure that its website is accessible to everyone.

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