Concerns about charities hit the one hundred mark

26 January 2012
The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has released a report marking the one hundredth concern it has received in relation to local charitable organisations.
The Commission gained the power to investigate Northern Ireland charities in February 2011. In the intervening ten months the Commission has received a steady flow of concerns about charities, averaging out at about one concern received every other working day.
The report, “One hundred lessons to be learned”, has been produced as a guide for charities, flagging up the common mistakes that have prompted many of the concerns about charities received by the Commission. The report is intended to benefit the charity sector by highlighting recurring problems within charities and helping them to get the basics right.
Charity Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless thinks that the report will help Northern Ireland charities;
“The vast majority of charities do try to get it right, but often don’t know how to work in a way which is transparent and which inspires public confidence.
“The report includes facts, figures and case studies drawn from the first one hundred concerns. It provides a useful resource for charities and helps them to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls.
“Our work continues well after the 100th concern, the public can be confident in the oversight of the Charity Commission and feel free to contact us if they have a concern about a charity”

View the "One hundred lessons to be learned report". (PDF 421KB)

For more information on the report or any other aspect of the Charity Commission's work please contact Communications Officer Sinead Glackin on 028 3832 0220 or 07827338978.

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