Guidance for local councillors published

12 October 2012

The Charity Commission has today published guidance on the role of local councillors as charity trustees, helping them to understand the important task of managing charitable trusts and avoiding conflicts of interests. 

Councillors, as respected community figures, are often asked to act as trustees, or to sit on charity boards, invariably managing charitable assets in doing so. While it is perfectly appropriate and common for councillors to occupy such roles, it should be understood that trusteeship or a board position comes with specific legal responsibilities and considerations.

The guidance was produced in conjunction with NILGA, the Northern Ireland Local Government Association and will be presented to members of the NILGA Executive by Charity Commission Chief Executive Frances McCandless later today.

A guide to a councillor's role as charity trustee (PDF)

A guide to a councillor's role as charity trustee (MS Word) 

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