Commission continues engagement work

Meet the Charity Commissioners Mid Ulster

27 October 2011

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has continued to engage with charitable groups across Northern Ireland during the autumn months. Visits to Cookstown, Enniskillen and Belfast all formed part of the Commission’s engagement work during late September and through October.

September saw the Meet the Commissioner Mid Ulster event, held at the Rural Community Network, Cookstown. Over thirty representatives from charitable groups attended alongside the Charity Commissioners and CCNI Chief Executive Frances McCandless. The session constituted an open discussion on issues of relevance to both the Commissioners and attendant representatives. The prevailing spirit of informality certainly gave rise to some open and meaningful discussion between the Commissioners and local groups.

Enniskillen, furthermore, was the October venue for CCNI’s Head of Charity Services Punam McGookin to meet with Fermanagh based charitable groups. Punam met with over 20 representatives of grassroots groups, and again answered a range of questions, broadly based around the current and future powers of the Charity Commission.

During the same period, CCNI staff members met with over forty Belfast Childcare Partnership and Castlereagh Borough Council.

Despite the usefulness of these sessions, the Commission is constrained in its ability to attend every information session that it is invited to. Hosting a session involving many charitable organisations, through an umbrella group, for example, is a good way to enable the Commission to come along.

For further information on the availability of Commission staff members, you can email the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

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