Charity regulator to launch new website

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has today announced that it is to launch an updated version of its website.

The new website, which will still be accessible on, will act as an information hub for organisations and individuals looking for advice, information and support on all aspects of managing a charity, including the essential areas of compulsory charity registration, annual reporting for registered charities and when the Commission will investigate concerns about charities.

Visitors to the new website will also have easy access the Commission’s range of online registration support tools and guidance, such as the popular Purposes and public benefit toolkit, the latest guidance documents on registering a charity and the public benefit requirement and the Commission’s online registration tutorial.

New, online forms will provide an efficient way of submitting requests, applications and concerns to the charity regulator, with supporting guidance and FAQs available to direct organisations and individuals to the next steps they may need to take.

The updated website is set to go live on Wednesday 1 October 2014, when it will replace the current website.

The web address will remain the same, however, current hyperlinks to specific sections, pages or guidance on the website will need to be updated. Further information on this will be provided on the new website when it goes live.

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