Guidance for trustees, employees and volunteers

Guidance for trustees

Trustees should report serious incidents to the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland as soon as they become aware of them. They may delegate this to employees or other representatives of the charity, but the responsibility rests with the charity's trustees. The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland will develop guidance for trustees to explain what incidents are serious and should be reported, how trustees can do this and what information we need.

Guidance for employees

If you are an employee that wants to blow the whistle on wrongdoing in a charity, with concerns about the proper administration of charities or of funds given or held for charitable purposes, then you need to read our Concerns about Charities guidance. You can also read our guidance which explains how you are protected under the Public Interest Disclosure (Northern Ireland) Order 1998.

Guidance for volunteers

If you are a volunteer or otherwise connected to the charity, you should follow our guidance for members of the public about how to report your concerns to us.

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