Guidance for the general public

Charities touch some of the most important aspects of our lives and people care deeply about the causes charities are involved with. This can give rise to a wide range of concerns when people feel a charity is acting wrongly, or feel they have been badly treated.

If you have a concern about a charity, please read this section carefully so that you can decide who you should send it to. The majority of concerns received by charity regulators should be made directly to the charity itself rather than the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. These concerns include those about the services a charity provides, employment issues, fundraising methods and internal disputes.

When we receive a concern that does not meet our criteria, we will keep the information on record and acknowledge your concern, but will not take any further action.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland's policy is set out in our guidance:

Concerns about Charities.

What issues does the Commission want to know about?

When doesn't the Commission get involved?

How to submit your concern.

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