Carrying out investigations

Our priority will always be to put charities back on a proper footing and to help the trustees meet their legal requirements, stop abuse and take robust remedial and protective action where this is appropriate and proportionate to do so.

When we assume powers to carry our inquiries we will publish further information on our policies and procedures concerning investigations.

Statutory inquiries

In cases of significant risk and more serious regulatory concern we may open a statutory inquiry,

The decision to open an inquiry is based on a number of factors, including what information there is to suspect serious mismanagement or misconduct in the administration of a charity and or risk to charity property.

It is likely to be where there is serious criminal, unlawful or improper activity or a serious risk to significant charitable assets or the concern is so serious it warrants opening an inquiry to investigate the facts and formalise our engagement with the charity trustees.

In the future we will publish guidance to help charities and their advisers understand what it means when the Commission opens a statutory inquiry.

Our policy will be to publish the results of our statutory inquiries in the form of a statement of results of the inquiry.

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