Annual reporting

Annual reporting by registered charities is a key element of the Commission's ongoing regulatory and monitoring work and is essential to keep the register of charities up to date. It is also a legal requirment for registered charities to report annually to the Commission. Through the annual reporting pregramme registered charities will be required to:

  1. complete and submit an online annual return form
  2. submit charity accounts and reports online as a PDF

When we refer to 'registered charities' we mean only those charities which have gone through the registration process with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and, as a result, have been given an NIC (Northern Ireland charity) number and are listed on the register of charities. If your charity is on the deemed list and has not yet been registered, you do not have to send information to the Commission. 

For more information on annual reporting and the annual return please see the guidance below:

Why we need this information

We will use the information gathered through annual reporting to meet the objectives of our annual monitoring programme. Those objectives are outlined below.

1. Check for compliance law.

2. Discover where their is misconduct, mismanagment and inapproriate use of charitable property and funds.

3. Encourage good practice.

4. Provide information about the charity sector.

5. Provide infromation on each charity.

6. Provide an up to date register of charities in Northern Ireland.


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