When doesn’t the Commission get involved?

Many of the concerns we receive are not for us and should be raised directly with the charity or with other bodies. The most common of these are:

  • Internal disagreements and disputes
  • Services provided by the charity
  • Fundraising methods
  • Employment and unfair dismissal
  • Disagreements with decisions
  • Contracts and legal action against the charity
  • Concerns about policies or actions taken by the trustees which are within their powers.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has limited resources and must prioritise our actions and target work where the risks are highest. We cannot look into all the concerns that are brought to our attention

When we receive a concern that does not meet our criteria as set out in our guidance Concerns about charities, we will keep the information on record and acknowledge your concern but will not take any further action.

Information and advice is also available from the following organisations:

Internal Disagreement & Disputes

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) provides mediation and resolution (External link).

Fundraising methods

Fundraising Standards Board (External link)

Employment and unfair dismissal

NIDIRECT (Employment contracts and conditions, resolving workplace disputes) (External link).

ACAS (Employment advice for employers and employees) ACAS (External link).

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (External link).

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Northern Ireland (legal and financial advice for employers and employees) (External link).

Equality Commission Northern Ireland

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (equality, encourage good relations and challenge discrimination) (External link).

Labour Relations Agency Northern Ireland

The Labour Relations Agency for Northern Ireland (External link).

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