How to submit a concern – using the Concern Form

If you have a concern that you have been unable to resolve with the charity concerned, and think that it meets the criteria for those that we will take up in Part D1 of our guidance Concerns about Charities, please complete the Concern Form (PDF 28 Kb) Concern Form (Word 1.2 Kb) 

You will need to provide the following information:

  • the name of the charity and its HMRC number if known;
  • the nature of what you want to report, including whether it is an incident that has happened or whether it is an allegation or suspicion of something that may have happened or is likely to happen;
  • details of attempts you have made to get the charity to address your concerns;
  • details or copies of documentary evidence in support of your concerns;
  • who is involved and their position in the charity;
  • whether the person or people involved is/are still involved with the charity;
  • the effect that this matter has had on the charity and/or its beneficiaries;
  • action taken by the charity because of what has happened;
  • whether there has been any publicity surrounding the issue;
  • details of any previous correspondence or contact with us or any other public body about these matters; and
  • your name, postal and email addresses and telephone number and connection (if any) to the charity.

All the information you have should be included at the outset and not submitted to us piecemeal.

We will not reconsider concerns that we have already dealt with unless circumstances have changed materially or significant new evidence has become available.

Important note: We have an evidence-based approach to our work and always test allegations before deciding on our action. It is a criminal offence knowingly or recklessly to supply us with information which is false or misleading.

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